IBCS International Board of Cosmetic Surgery

International Board of Cosmetic Surgery (IBCS)

The International Board of Cosmetic Surgery is a nonprofit corporation developing, promoting, supporting and encouraging the science and art of cosmetic surgery. IBCS plans and executes examinations to determine the extent of knowledge of cosmetic surgeons. IBCS is devoted to postgraduate education in the field of cosmetic surgery and dedicated to patient safety and satisfaction through physician education and examination.

The International Board of Cosmetic Surgery shall maintain a Register, in its main office in the United Kingdom, of all physicians who have passed the Board examination in General Cosmetic Surgery, Facial Cosmetic Surgery, Dermatologic Cosmetic Surgery, or Body Contouring Surgery.

The Register name(s) will be available to any person or entity through a written request.

Becoming a Diplomat of the European & International Board of Cosmetic Surgery is a significant professional achievement and honour. Diplomats must strive to represent the high ethical and moral standards of the European & International Board of Cosmetic Surgery and to support the Board activities for the advancement of the specialty of cosmetic surgery.

Diplomats agree to adhere to the European & International Board of Cosmetic Surgery regarding ethical practice of cosmetic surgery, including advertising and representations to the public and to practice the highest standard of patient care and safety at all times.

Eligibility for taking the examination

  • Candidate is responsible for reading this information carefully and completely.
  • Do not apply for board certification examination if you do not meet the following requirements.
  • Candidate is required to have board certification in a surgical specialty or the equivalent.
  • Exception is for dermatologic cosmetic surgery where dermatologic board certification or the equivalent is required.
  • Candidate must have at least three (3) years experience in cosmetic surgery.
  • All of the procedures that are considered by the IBCS to pertain to the specialty checked for examination will be tested on whether or not performed by the candidate. There are no excuses for not knowing everything about all procedures for the specialty selected by the candidate.

Specialties and their procedures

A. General cosmetic surgery

All cosmetic surgery procedures included in each of the following subspecialties
of general cosmetic surgery.

B. Facial Cosmetic Surgery

  1. Surgical Facelift, Surgical Browlift, Surgical Neck Lift
  2. Otoplasty
  3. Rhinoplasty
  4. Facial fillers: temporary and permanent
  5. Facial implants
  6. Laser
  7. Peelings
  8. Liposuction
  9. Scars
  10. Mini-invasive suture facelifts
  11. Hair restoration: flap transfers, hair implants
  12. Dermabrasion (excludes microdermabrasion)

C. Body Contouring

  1. Breast Augmentation, Reduction, Lift (mastopexy)
  2. Abdominoplasty
  3. Brachioplasty, Thigh Lift, Buttock Lift
  4. Liposuction
  5. Implants: Buttocks, Thighs, Calves, Pectoral

D. All Specialties

  1. Anatomy
  2. Diagnosis
  3. Treatment
  4. All possible complications
  5. Basic medicine and surgery principles


Please attach one 2x2 inch photo to the application.

The fee for the examination is €2,500 Euro for the exam and €70 Euro for the certificate plus International Academy of Cosmetic Surgery membership fee of €400 Euro. Total = €2,970 Euro.

The application must be received by October 31st 2013, in order to take the December 4th - 5th 2013 examination.

Attach 100 cases you have performed with history, physical examination, operative report, preoperative and postoperative photos, and list of complications for each case. These must include at least the following.

A. General Cosmetic Surgery

  • 2 Abdominoplasty
  • 2 Surgical Facelift
  • 2 Breast augmentation
  • 1 Breast reduction
  • 1 Tissue augmentation using filler or prosthesis (other than breast)
  • 2 Liposuction
  • 2 Blepharoplasty

B. Facial Cosmetic Surgery

  • 2 Rhinoplasty
  • 2 Surgical Facelift
  • 2 Blepharoplasty
  • 2 Facial Fillers: temporary or permanent

C. Body Contouring

  • 2 Abdominoplasty
  • 2 Liposuction
  • 2 Breast Augmentation
  • 3 Breast Reduction or Mastopexy

Application Submission Address

The Application should be sent to:

IBCS / Mr Anthony Erian, MD
43 Cambridge Road
United Kingdom

Bank Transfer Account

For Bank Transfer of Funds:

International Board of Cosmetic Surgeons
National Westminster Bank
Sort Code: 60-18-42
Account No.: 20530498
IBAN: GB97NWBK60184220530498

Contact IBCS

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